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Scooter Yedoo - WZOOM

Scooter Yedoo - WZOOM

A great buddy for any sort of adventure, secret ones or those where parents are also allowed.

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Model description

Wzoom will shorten the wait to children, who already need to be grown-ups so they can stay up till 9, eat pizza for breakfast and drive a bulldozer. Wzoom has grown up, and its appearance and speed put it on par with adult models. It has stayed light and easy to handle, and with the right accessories it’s ready to go on a longer ride out of town. And truth be told, with the loading capacity of 220 Lb / 100 kilograms, it can even be ridden by an adult who would happily go to bed at 9, eat pizza for breakfast and drive a bulldozer.

Detailed Information

  • For riders aged 6+. Maximum loading 220 Lb.

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