iXRIDER e-bikes

Discover with no limits. Industry leading technology dedicated to deliver supreme riding experience.

  • Proven technology

    Constructed with the latest technology and equipped with industry leading components from Bosch, Shimano, Bafang, SRAM, STEPS e-MTB, and Oli e-drive systems.

  • Perfect harmony

    Drive system components are perfectly synchronized to deliver a smooth and fluid ride for the ultimate cycling experience.

  • Ride in comfort

    State of the art frame design that’s perfectly matched to your body’s posture for a ride that’s both natural and comfortable.

  • Performance

    Powerful enough to handle any terrain so you can take your ride anywhere and everywhere.

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Made to deliver...

iXRIDER e-bikes deliver superior performance so you can navigate every terrain. Our products are built with industry leading components to provide the ultimate ride both safely and comfortably.

Choose the type

Choose the category of bike that suits you the best...
  • CRUSSIS CROSS e-bikes

    • Modern hybrid design with aluminum frame
    • Engineered for speed and safety
    • Superior comfort for your ride

  • CRUSSIS MTB e-bikes

    • Rugged model line for off-roading
    • Outstanding control and stability
    • Peak performance in the roughest terrain

  • CRUSSIS e-bikes for Women

    • Powerful enough to handle any terrain
    • Excellent stability and control
    • Up to 100 mile range with central motor


We believe that a happy and healthy life involves regular exercise and outdoor recreation regardless of one’s age or physical abilities.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the tools to take their journey as far as they can go. Our products deliver superior performance with state-of-the-art technology and components so that you can comfortably navigate any terrain. With iXRIDER and iXROVER your opportunities to explore are limitless.


  • Monolithic carbon fibre frames

    Frames made with this technology are monolithic carbon fibre constructions with fibres placed alongside each other. The classic shape of the tubes, in conjunction with their large diameters, resulted in very low weight and high durability.

  • Dual Power

    Dual Power means combining a classic bicycle with electric drive. We use middle motor placing. Drive unit can provide up to 80Nm of torque.

  • Frames made of 6061 alloy

    Frames made of 6061 alloy are stiff and resistant to breakages while retaining the light mass typical for aluminum. All alloy frames are heat-threaten after the welding, that also improves frames durability.

  • Bottom bracket bearings

    Bottom bracket bearings are placed inside individual cups. The cups are pressed into the frame to increase pedalling efficiency. This type of bottom bracket reduces bearing wear out and creates a better transfer of the driving force to the wheel.

  • Double Butting

    Double butting is the process, which decreases the frame weight, while the overall durability is on the same level or is even improved.

  • Internal cable routing

    Internal cable routing reduces wear of cables and shells. It protects them from mud, rain, and sand. It also improves the overall appearance of the bike design.

Our reviews

  • I can’t imagine what my life would be like without mobility. As we age, it becomes harder to stay fit especially with age-related health problems and illness. Because I’m getting older, many outdoor activities have become difficult for me, even painful enough that I no longer enjoyed them. All this changed when I purchased my IXRider light e-bike. The e-bike is comfortable and adapts perfectly to my pace, making cycling easier and much more fun. The iXRIDER’s powerful motor can handle all sorts of trails including rocky forest paths and dirt roads. At last, I can actively explore the world again and go on rides with other people without worrying that I won’t be able to keep up. Frankly, now it’s the other way around. I can quickly and safely enjoy the beauty of the surrounding countryside in the company of my family and friends!

    Michael B.

  • I was looking for a bike that could handle my daily commute to work. A city e-bike that wouldn’t be too strenuous and that could get me to work comfortably and effortlessly. I’m not a professional cyclist and wasn’t looking to do cross-country treks. I just needed to find transportation to help me get from point A to point B quickly, reliably, and economically – and I preferred something safe for the environment. My iXRIDER Crussis e-bike fits all of those needs. While riding my e-bike, I can safely weave in and out of stopped traffic and I can get to my job in 20 minutes without working up a sweat. I arrive at work fresh from my commute, with just enough exercise to wake my body and clear my mind. I’ve grown to love riding my e-bike so much that I even go for rides on weekends. My e-bike has become both a wonderful partner and an everyday pleasure for me to ride.

    Lee S.

  • My iXRIDER electric bike has opened up the world for me again. Previously, I hadn’t been doing much cycling due to a knee injury which I was advised not to strain after surgery. The doctors were cautious and told me to take it easy, but I really missed my daily bike rides. After some research, I purchased an iXRIDER E-bike to slowly get back into shape. I started out with short trips around the neighborhood and am now doing well enough to handle longer rides without any knee pain or problems. I even had the opportunity to travel through a large part of Europe with some cycling friends. Because the E-bike is electric, I could reach places that were usually only accessible to strong, able-bodied riders, and I could get there without working my tail off and risking further injury to my knee. Thanks to iXRIDER, I feel I can travel to any destination on the map and can live my life to the fullest again.

    Steven O.

  • On a CRUSSIS scooter, I usually travel 30 km a day with absolute ease and relatively fast. After 30 km I feel fit and beautifully stretched. This is the reason why CRUSSIS scooters also have their place in our garage.

    David O.

The product-specific testimonial can be found on the product’s detail page.