iXRIDER bikes

Discover with no limits. Industry leading technology dedicated to deliver supreme riding experience.

  • Proven technology

    Built on the latest technologies and equipped with industry leading Shimano, Bosch, Bafang, Oli and Sram STEPS e-MTB systems.
  • Perfect harmony

    Designed to work in sync perfectly with other components to deliver supreme driving experience.
  • Driving comfort

    Perfect match to your body and riding style gives you that natural feel of comfort and certitude.
  • Performance

    Powerful enough to handle any terrain for you to discover and take any journey with no limits.
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Made to deliver...

iXRIDER bikes are designed to deliver ultimate performace and driving experience. Thanks to industry leading components you can move with ease and with no limits.

Choose the type

Choose the category of bike that suits you the best...
  • CRUSSIS CROSS e-bikes

    • Aluminum frame with a comfortable geometry
    • Extra strong battery
    • Designed to ride fast and safe
    • Supreme riding experience

  • CRUSSIS MTB e-bikes

    • Aluminum frame
    • Excellent stability and controllability
    • Strong battery integrated into the frame
    • Peak performance in the roughest terrain

  • CRUSSIS e-bikes

    • Excellent stability and controllability
    • Powerful enough to handle any terrain
    • Central electric motor
    • Range up to 100 miles


We believe that experiencing the outdoors and getting regular exercise and recreation are the key to a happy and fulfilled life.

This should be true for everyone regardless of age or physical condition. We designed our bikes with this value at the center of our business.

iXRIDER bikes are dedicated to deliver the best performance to help you explore any terrain and expand your possibilities of leisure time activities. Thanks to industry leading components you can move with ease and without almost any limits.


  • Monolithic carbon fibre frames

    Frames made with this technology are monolithic carbon fibre constructions with fibres placed alongside each other. The classic shape of the tubes, in conjunction with their large diameters, resulted in very low weight and high durability.

  • Dual Power

    Dual Power means combining a classic bicycle with electric drive. We use middle motor placing. Drive unit can provide up to 80Nm of torque.

  • Frames made of 6061 alloy

    Frames made of 6061 alloy are stiff and resistant to breakages while retaining the light mass typical for aluminum. All alloy frames are heat-threaten after the welding, that also improves frames durability.

  • Bottom bracket bearings

    Bottom bracket bearings are placed inside individual cups. The cups are pressed into the frame to increase pedalling efficiency. This type of bottom bracket reduces bearing wear out and creates a better transfer of the driving force to the wheel.

  • Double Butting

    Double butting is the process, which decreases the frame weight, while the overall durability is on the same level or is even improved.

  • Internal cable routing

    Internal cable routing reduces wear of cables and shells. It protects them from mud, rain, and sand. It also improves the overall appearance of the bike design.

Our reviews

  • I cannot imagine at all what my life would look like if I were not mobile. With the age, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep fit, especially if one’s health is not entirely perfect. So it happened that many sporting activities turned into suffering for me in the past and I no longer enjoyed them. This has nevertheless changed since I bought the iXRIDER. It adapts perfectly to my riding style, and cycling is more fun and less effort now. Thanks to its powerful engine, the iXRIDER can easily cope with a variety of paths and roads, as well as with the dusty, forest, rocky and unpaved surfaces. At last I can actively explore the world again and go on trips with other people without worrying that I won’t be able to keep up with them. Frankly, it’s rather the other way round - I am quick enough to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding countryside!

    Michael B.

  • I was looking for a bike that would fit my everyday journeys to work, one that would not require excessively hard work and that would get me to work comfortably and effortlessly. I didn't have any enormous sporting ambitions - I just needed to move quickly, reliably, economically and ecologically around the city and get from point A to point B. Thanks to my iXRIDER, all of that has come true. I easily weave my way through the cars moving slowly in the morning jam and I don't have to stand in the tailbacks. I get to work in twenty minutes without losing my breath. I don't have to deal with sweaty clothes, nor look for a place to take a shower at after I arrive at the office. I start the day with movement; I stretch my body and clear my head. I enjoy riding the iXRIDER so much that I now go for rides even on weekends. It has become both a useful partner and everyday pleasure for me.

    Lee S.

  • The iXRIDER bike has opened the door to the world for me again. Previously, I did not dare to go for cycling trips because of a sore knee, which I was not supposed to strain much after a surgery. The doctors advised me to go easy on myself, but I missed my everyday riding. So I decided to buy an iXRIDER E-bike and get back in shape step by step. I started with shorter trips around the neighborhoods and now can manage longer rides without any problems. We even travelled a great part of Europe with a group of my friends. Thanks to the electric engine I got to places where only able-bodied cyclists dared, without working my tail off and sweating blood. I haven’t thought of my operated knee at all for the whole time. Thanks to the iXRIDER, I can live to the fullest again and don’t have to travel only with my finger on the map!

    Steven O.

  • On a CRUSSIS scooter, I usually travel 30 km a day with absolute ease and relatively fast. After 30 km I feel fit and beautifully stretched. This is the reason why CRUSSIS scooters also have their place in our garage.

    David O.

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