We believe that experiencing the outdoors and getting regular exercise and recreation is the key to a happy and fulfilled life. This should be true for everyone regardless of age or physical condition. And this is why we have placed this value at the core of our business - a happy life is a life on the move and hence our motto:


Who we are?

We bring the best e-bike experience to our customers! We sell only branded products from premium electric bike brands with outstanding quality and support. We bring the best and most powerful e-bikes to the US and CANADA markets!

All our models are already proven on the very demanding market; all tested AND ALL EQUIPED WITH THE UL CERTIFICATE DIRECTLY IN THE US according to CPSC 16 CFR 1512 certification requirements for the e-bikes.

iXRIDER.com is a collaboration with the best European manufacturers MTF and CRUSSIS, who build world-class quality Scooter Bikes, mountain bikes, and e-Bikes. Our offices are on the east coast, Sarasota, FL and on the west coast, Thousand Oaks, CA. We are expanding nationally in the US and Canada, and we are seeking partnerships with independent e-bike dealers. We are building bridges, connecting the global community of adventurers, and athletes who live and breathe the e-bike and scooter bike life. You just think of any e-bikes, we are here with various models, such as e-bikes for kids, city e-bikes, carbon bikes, light scooter, scooter for sports, and many others.

Our mission is to continue the growth of the sport in the US and all over the world. E-bikes and scooter bikes are used by NFL and Olympic athletes for cross-training and rehabbing injuries, Iditarod trail (Alaska) champions for training sled dogs in the summer months, and by fit families looking to spend more time exploring together. Here you will find really everything - from new models of a mountain (MTB) and trekking bikes and e-bikes, through children's bikes, to a wide range of city e-bikes in various models of women's and men's sizes. We provide a full warranty, authorized service, and background of the stone shop and warehouse for all products sold. There truly is an e-bike, scooter bike, or bicycle for everybody and adventure. We fully believe that you will be satisfied with our selection of e-bikes, scooters for kids, scooters for adults, and our customer service. You will want to make your next bike and fast scooter purchase with us at iXRIDER.com

Our bikes and e-bikes

We are importing the best e-bikes for the US market. The e-bikes of the iXRIDER, MTF, and CRUSSIS brands are maximally stable, comfortable, perfectly maneuverable, and at a favorable price. Best ratio - price / performance / quality. Our e-bikes have a great technical design; they are extremely reliable and powerful. All accessories and components are made high-tech with great quality, including beautiful design and a variety of colors of bicycle frames. We use TOP components SHIMANO, BAFANG, and BOSH brand central motors for our powerful MTF and CRUSSIS electric bicycles. MTF and CRUSSIS e-bikes are made of lightweight materials, with a maximum power of electric motors of 630 Wh to 900 Wh / 17.5 Ah to 25 Ah, thanks to stronger batteries (PANASONIC, SAMSUNG, BOSH) with a range of up to 100 mi on a single charge and battery life of up to 7 hours - here, of course, depends on the profile route and how to use the assistance. You can charge a fully discharged battery in about 4 hours. Very clear color LCD displays located on the handlebars of e-bikes show the battery status, selected degree of assistance of the electric motor, speed and distance traveled. The displays also communicate directly with smart mobile devices. Our fast electric bikes and single-speed bikes are equipped with SHIMANO and SRAM gears. Riding an MTF and CRUSSIS e-bike is indescribable in words, and with our e-bikes equipped with central motors, you don't have to worry about any terrain. It's time to go. Everywhere you go on your bike and wherever you move, you will simply see thanks to the MTF and CRUSSIS brands. We have great support and service.

Peter’s story:

"Physical fitness and the outdoors have been at the center of my life for years. I believe that getting out and getting around safely has made my life and the lives of my family so much happier and more fulfilled. I wanted to make this available to everyone and the iXRIDER is ideal products that will help every one of all ages enjoy the outdoors with their loved ones in the most comfortable, stylish, and above all safe way. Living in the USA has always been a dream of mine, ever since I first visited California back in 1992. Being able to bring my business experience together with an amazing product to a great area and a fantastic country is truly a dream come true. I believe giving back to the community is essential. We have donated several bikes, e-bikes, buggies, and strollers to local senior centers and to people with disabilities as they too can enjoy a happier and more fulfilling life".

Peter Kral
President / CEO