Rent a CRUSSIS e-bike and foot bike

Discover all the beauties of Florida with our CRUSSIS electric bikes or foot bikes.

Go ELECTRIC with us because electric bikes is for EVERYONE. 



Do you seek out cultural experience in the city? Do you wish to explore the countryside or to ride the bike on the beach? Take it on your nature trips, on the road, on the plains, over the hills and on the mountains, in places where you haven't dared with your bike yet. Rent our CRUSSIS e-bikes or foot bikes / scooter! BORN TO MOVE. 

It will allow you to spend your leisure time in much more comfort, giving you the maximum freedom possible, including the feeling of unrestrained motion. All of that regardless of your age, physical fitness or physical handicap.

Rent a iXROVER bike

No Limits

The unique multifunctional CRUSSIS e-bike significantly expands the options of outdoor activities, since it is not overawed by nor even difficult terrain. Enjoy riding the CRUSSIS e-bike through the city. Take CRUSSIS e-bike on your nature trips, on the road, on the plains, over the hills and on the mountains, in places where you have not yet dared with your bike. The bike easily copes with various outdoor and natural obstacles and overcomes even sand dunes without difficulties.

Safety and comfort

You won’t love the CRUSSIS e-bike just for its incredible versatility, but also for the maximum security and comfort from riding the bike. It is made of first-class materials and elaborated to the finest detail, powerfull baterries . It boasts perfect stability and durability. Neither is it missing all sorts of “gadgets”, which significantly contribute to the top comfort on the go. One of them certainly is the aluminum frame with a comfortable geometry in which any riders feels pampered.

In Style

iXRIDER meets all your requirements on practicality and functionality and – in addition to that – has them all neatly “packed” in the original and attractive design. The modern bikes and e-bikes will win your favor in seconds - its unique design is simply striking, attracting attention wherever it appears. So enjoy your trips in style!

Rent the CRUSSIS e-bike or foot bike. It is easy!

Do you want to rent the CRUSSIS e-bike or foot bike / scooter in Florida? Just let us know via e-mail or phone and we will tell you how and where you can get it in no time!

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