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CRUSSIS COBRA - Made For Fitness

DETAILS PHOTO GALLERY. All our CRUSSIS foot bikes / scooter bikes / kick bikes is the same frame and sizes but in a different kind of colors. This photo gallery is to show you the details of all kind of scooters products.
CRUSSIS COBRA is alluminum made scooter. The CRUSSIS scooter is the lightest foot bikes / scooters on the market with a weight of 16,8 Lb ! The wheel ratio is 26 "/ 20".

Try this scooter for adults, made especially for fitness-minded athletes. Kickbike sport is back and better than ever with the new generation of the lightest Cobra scooters on the market. The same famous style now with improved components for an even smoother and faster ride. Adjustable handlebars allow you to target different muscle groups. Hybrid tires are smooth on top for speed and bumpy on the sides for cornering and freewheeling control and traction. Perfect for cross training, kickbiking works all the same muscles as running and cycling combined, with virtually zero impact, leaving your muscles relaxed and stretched, not stiff and sore. Now there is a fantastic 3rd option for running and cycling.

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Model description

CRUSSIS COBRA ONE 4.2 model of foot bikes / scooter bikess that have sports ambitions and are designed for hobbies and sports enthusiastic scooters. These scooters are suitable for longer trips on paved roads, cycle paths or in lighter terrain, but in no case will they get lost in the city.

The CRUSSIS foot bikes / scooters of the COBRA and COBRA ONE series are the lightest scooters on the market with a weight of 16,8 Lb ! The wheel ratio is 26 "/ 20".

Detailed Information

The basis of the COBRA and COBRA ONE series scooters is an aluminum frame. We follow the current scooter trend, which calls for a low weight of the scooter while maintaining optimal rigidity. When solving the head tube, a conical shape was chosen, which together with the optimally shaped triangular neck profile increases the strength of the frame. And that's what it's all about.

The step, which forms one unit with the rear fork, is also uniquely solved; everything is made of one piece of bent profile. By moving the step as close to the rear wheel as possible, the rear fork was shortened, increasing the strength of the frame while maintaining a subtle appearance. The result is greater flexibility of the frame, contributing to better filtration of smaller irregularities and elimination of unpleasant bouncing of the rear wheel in corners. For CRUSSIS Cobra and CRUSSIS ONE Cobra scooters, you can choose between a higher and lower step position, and thus choose the optimal scooter clearance according to the terrain you are going to ride. So if you are going on cross-country trips, the option of a double rear wheel mount will come in handy.

The scooter has the proven light and fast Schwalbe Marathon Racer tires. These trekking tires are made of a sports mixture of Speed Grip natural rubber. Thanks to the material used and the high pressure, extremely low rolling resistance and excellent grip are secured. The tires are suitable for road and light terrain, such as field or forest roads. In addition, the tire is protected against defects by a double layer of Race Guard nylon fabric. The reflective line, which lights up when illuminated by a reflector around the entire circumference of the tire, contributes to an increase in the passive safety of the scooter with lower visibility.

The comfort of the ride is ensured by comfortable soft silicone grips that fit beautifully of your hand. When choosing the colors of scooters, both fans of sports design and those who prefer a decent modern design of scooters were complied with.

The CRUSSIS Cobra series is tuned to sports colors using two-color coating technology, while the ONE Cobra series keeps a one-color design while maintaining the same color for the frame and front fork of the scooter.

The CRUSSIS scooters of the COBRA and COBRA ONE series are the lightest scooters on the market with a weight of 16,8 Lb ! The wheel ratio is 26 "/ 20".

Model specifications


  • Frame: Alloy 6061
  • Front fork: CRUSSIS


  • Height: 35" - 37" 
  • Lenght: 67"
  • Ground clearance: 1,7" - 2,5"
  • Footboard: 16,6"


  • Wheel diameter: Front 26" / Rear 20"
  • Brakes: TEKTRO V-brake with integrated bell
  • Rims: CRUSSIS 26"/20", double wall
  • Hubs: CRUSSIS with industrial bearings 100/65 mm, 24D
  • Front tyre: SCHWALBE Marathon Racer Perf, Race Guard 26x1,5
  • Rear tyre: SCHWALBE Marathon Racer Perf, Race Guard 20x1,5
  • Handlebars: CRUSSIS AL MTB, 24,4"
  • Stem: CRUSSIS Al, 31,8/24,4"
  • Grips: CRUSSIS
  • Headset: Ahead 1 1/8"


  • Weight: 16,8 Lb
  • Loading limit: 265 Lb
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